My name is Matěj Třasák; As a child, I loved books and magazines. Not only to read them, but to spend hours browsing through pictures — Thousand and thousand of the image pages. I cut out many of them and made my art collections from those images. I gradually refined my taste to a fine art. This imaginary vision of the world I treasure until today and translating it into my work. That's why I prefer to express my point of view through pictures. As an Impressionism lover, I love the combination of pastel color with soft light and architecture. I am using the same progress in wedding photography. For me, a wedding is a beautiful and unique moment of life filled with full of positive energy and love that shines through everyone on the magical background.

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My name is Edita and I’m photographer based in Prague and also Matěj’s assistant. I’m really thankful for the job I have and I feel blessed I can work together with the man I’m in love with. I believe that a wedding is one of the most intimate moments in a couple’s life. I admire all couples for the effort and love they put in organisation of their wedding and that's the reason I’m there - to help them, make their wedding day the best day of their lives. For me each love story is one of a kind and each wedding celebration happens once in a lifetime.


Matěj and Edita are Fine Art Destination Wedding Photographers based in Prague, Czech republic. After photographing several events together, Matěj and Edita realised the added value of having two unique sets of experienced eyes covering the day. They believe that every photo matters and therefore they will make you love every photo of your wedding day.

Our style

Simple background, muted color palette, beautiful bride with amazing dress, rich flower, soft light, sensitive composition, romantic feel, happiness. Those are the key elements we are implementing to our work. This is why we call our self a fine art wedding photographers. This is the essence of the approach to your wedding. It is about how we are planning photos, poses, and details. It is about how to picture you at the best at your wedding day.

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