Magnolia Forever

Magnolia Forever



The Augustine Hotel in Prague, once lavishly renovated monastery set in the picturesque Mala Strana neighborhood just steps from the Prague Castle, has kept the authentic and historic character that makes one of the jewels of the city. By choosing the fabulous setting of the gardens of this prestigious institution, the photographer Matej Trasak suspended over time and offers us the romantic portrait of a free and radiant bride, its beauty enhanced by the spring light and shimmering jewels of the House Gismondi 1754. When it appears in its aerial dress, she even eclipse the beauty of flowers that surround it. Inspiring colors decidedly soft and feminine, which tells a great story about purity and strength of the love symbolized by the flowers of magnolias. In an enchanting staging, the closed populated rare bird reminds us of those fairy tales where the jewels are born in the flowers, where dreams become reality. Make a wish…


Featured in: Adore Wedding Blog || Photography: Matej Trasak || Production: Edita Horová || Location: Hotel Augustine || Florist: Ivan Šablatura || Dress: White Day || Shoes: Jimmy Choo || Jewelry: Gismondi 1754 || MUA: Michaela Polomis

Chateau Mcely Wedding

Chateau Mcely Wedding

Chateau Mcely Wedding

“Luxury winter tale elopement”

Winter time is calm as lovers in an embrace and pure as a simple yes. Winter, with its peaceful dignity, shows love as it really is. The inspiration to create this winter editorial came from many sources, such as one of the best wedding places in the Czech Republic which magically transports you to a world of finer things as soon as you enter. We also wanted to show brides that you can celebrate love in every season. The color palette of this wedding was all inspired by the winter time. White as snow, gold as stars, deep blue as a freezy winter night with the touch of violet as a reminder of Chateau Mcely. Let yourself be enchanted by this wedding editorial.


Blessing for the darkness, blessing for the light

Venue: Chateau Mcely | Photography: Matěj Třasák | Creative production: Edita Horová
Dress: Poner | Suit: Blažek | Jewelry: Boucheron | Hair and make : Ester Tesařikova | Flowers: Ivan Šablatura 

Chateau Mcely Engagement

Chateau Mcely Engagement

Chateau Mcely Proposal

“Young Love”

Love is the most important and the most precious think we have. It’s everywhere. At our shooting we wanted to catch young love, so brave, so fragile, full of hope and strength. That can do anything. It is about the moment when young lovers decide to be together in their future life. It’s amazing when we can remember that feeling for the rest of our lives.

Chatea Mcely Engagement Matej Trasak _ 1

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Venue: Chateau Mcely | Photography: Matěj Třasák | Creative production: Edita Horová
Dress: Poner | Suit: Blažek | Jewelry: Boucheron | Hair and make : Martina Kottová 

Chateau Mcely Wedding Boudoir

Chateau Mcely Wedding Boudoir

Chateau Mcely Boudoir

Intimate Bride

In the serene setting of the Chateau Mcely we captured the refined beauty of bridal accessories in this glamorous boudoir editorial.  In collaboration with all vendors we paired intimacy with timeless luxury creating look fitting for a timeless and chic bride. 

Chateau Mcely Boudoir Matej Trasak

You are not a drop in the ocean, you are entire ocean in a drop

Venue: Chateau Mcely | Photography: Matěj Třasák | Creative production: Edita Horová
Models:  Alice Vyhnalová | Lingerie: Oxalis dessous Shoes: JimmyChoo
 Hair and make : Ester Tesaříková | Jewelry: 27JEWELRY

Wedding Portugal | Bridal Editorial

Wedding Portugal | Bridal Editorial

Portugal Wedding | Sunset on the beach

Magical beach. Soft sunset light. Lovely lace wedding dress from talented designer Petra Pitelková (PetiteeFashion). Perfect jewelry from 27Jewelry. All of these elements were wonderful backdrop for our small editorial in Portugal. 

The sea below me, the sky above me, it makes me feel small, it makes me feel free

Venue: Portugal Ursa Beach | Photography: Matěj Třasák
Models:  Laura Draxler | Bridal dress: PetiteeFashion
 Hair and make up styling: Simona Buchtova

 Wedding in Chateau Nelahozeves

Wedding in Chateau Nelahozeves

Wedding in Chateau Nelahozeves

Once again, we have brought together a group of wedding professionals that we adore, to work on a project that is so close to our hearts. Together we have designed and prepared a spring wedding editorial at amazing country castle Nelahozeves. Flower pots, herbs, ivy in combination with eucalyptus, beautiful smells and awakening of nature and all senses after a long winter... 

Venue: Lobkowicz – zámek Nelahozeves | Design and styling: White Agency
Design and flower decor: Metamorphosis | Photography: Matěj Třasák
Video: Anežka Chudlíková | Decorative furniture: Stool
Models:  Hana Babak, Josef, | Bridal dress: Helena Mertlová
Suit: Nuance | Hair and make up styling: Jitka Novotná
Wedding cake: Cupcakes Veronika | Jewelry:27JEWELRY
Printed material: Spring studio

Wedding Photography Chateau Nelahozevel-1

Sweden Cost

Sweden Cost


Vítr. Slovo, které může popsat celé focení ve Švédsku. Doprovázel nás všude, kam jsme se vydali. Udával směr i čas. Na malou chvíli rozehnal mraky, romanticky si hrál se stébly trávy nebo s vlečkou svatebních šatů. Umožnil nám zachytit pocit, který máte, když stojíte na severské pláži. Kontrast mezi sílou a něhou, kterému když se poddáte, tak vytváří tu krásnou harmonii.

Wind. A word that can describe the entire photo shoot in Sweden. He accompanied us wherever we went. He gave us direction and time. For a short moment, he blew the clouds away, romantically played with grass stalks, or carried small grains of sand . It has allowed us to capture the feeling you have when you are standing on a Nordic beach. The contrast between power and tenderness, creates the most natural harmony.

Nepali Bride

Nepali Bride

nepali spirit

Dálný východ. Starobylé kultury na vás dýchájí na každém kroku. Pulzující život 6 milionového města vás svírá v každé uličče. V centru toho všeho se nachází Boudhanth, budhistické nejsvatější místo, kam se přicházejí tisíce lidí denně pomodlit. Uprostřed davu se odehrává malý intimní příběh. Je o krásné dívce, která se dnes nejde jen pomodlit, ale jde si zároveň i pro požehnání. Je to den její svatby. A já měl tu čest to ráno být u toho a vyprávět její jedinečný příběh.


Far East. Ancient cultures are breathing at you on every step. Pulsing life of the 6 million city takes you in every street. In the middle of all this, there is Boudhanth, the Buddhist holiest place, where thousands of people come for preying. There is small intimate story. It is about beautiful girl. She isn't just praying today but she is also coming for blessing. Today is her wedding day. And I had the honour of being there that morning and tell her unique story.

Chateau Mcely Wedding Photography

Chateau Mcely Wedding Photography

Chateau Mcely | Fairy and Prince

Chateau Mcely | Czech republic

S nápadem tohoto svatebního editoriálu z konce jara, přišla má partnerka a zároveň má 2.fotografka Edita Horová. Edita je úžasná fotografka, která má navíc zálibu ve svatebních trendech. Tedy pro ni bylo radostí celý editoriál vymyslet a zorganizovat.

Místo, které jsme vybrali, je překrásný hotel Chateau Mcely. Je to místo, kde na vás čiší krása a kouzlo v každém koutě. Přáli jsme si prolnout svatební Boho Chic trendy s tradičními a nadčasovými prvky. Ve spolupráci s úžasnými dodavateli jsme touto kombinací vytvořili Luxusní Boho styl. Hotel Chateau Mcely, jehož vznik se datuje do roku 1698, je obklopen nádherným rozlehlým parkem, který se stal perfektním pozadím pro tuto luxusní a zároveň éterickou svatbu. Pro styl svatebního editoriálu jsme se rozhodli použít tóny zelené, s dotekem bílé a zlaté.


This wedding editorial was shot in late spring 2017. It was imagined, styled and designed by my partner and also second shooter Edita Horová. She is a talented photographer with passion for wedding trends and she came up with the idea of organisation our own wedding editorial.

Place we chose for shooting is called Chateau Mcely. It is the place of all wonders and beauty in at every corner.  We wanted to combine trendy Boho Chic wedding style with classic and luxury. In collaboration with amazing Czech wedding vendors we created Luxurious Boho wedding. Chateau Mcely, dating back from 1698, is surrounded by a huge and marvellous  park. It was the perfect backdrop for this ethereal and luxurious photoshoot. We opted for a colour palette in the shades of green, with touches of white for flowers and wedding cake, and gold for details.

Chateau Mcely Wedding Photography-1

Tuscany Wedding Photography

Tuscany Wedding Photography

Wedding in San Gimignano | Tuscany Wedding Photography

What place have intrigued me the most this year so far?

San Gimignano in Tuscany. Beautiful stone built town in the middle of the hills full of olive orchards. Place where you can on every step feel that the time has stopped here a while ago. The story I want to share is about young love in a romantic Italian city and near by olive orchard.

Kdyby jste se mě zeptali, které místo mě letos okouzlilo, odpověď by byla lehká.

San Gimignano v Toskánsku. Nádherné kammené město stojící uprostřed kopcovité krajiny plné olivových hájů. Místo, kde jsem měl pocit, že se zastavil čas. Byla to láska na první pohled. Příběh, který jsem chtěl vyprávět byl o mladé lásce odehrávající se v romantickém italském městě a blízkém olivovém sadu.

tuscany wedding photograpy - 1

Bright sun, bright love

Wedding in the Venice

Wedding in the Venice


Vždycky jsem si přál fotit na místech, která v sobě mají něco kouzelného. Kde energie plyne, příběhy se dějí samy a silné vzpomínky tam vznikají skoro mimochodem. Na takových místech totiž vznikají ty nejlepší fotky. 

Na začátku roku jsem si tenhle sen začal plnit a moje první cesta vedla do Benátek. Kouzelného města, kde se proplétáte bludištěm úzkých uliček, mostů a kanálů. Příběh nebylo potřeba vymýšlet, příběh byl již napsán. Benátky krátce po východu slunce. Jen já, novomanželé a Benátky.

It was always my dream to take photos on magical places. Places that without words naturally tell their own story. I wanted to travel and catch their special energy and and how they make me feel forever in a picture. Deep down I knew that taking the time to do so would allow me to take breathtaking photos. And capture incredible memories.

This year finally come the time to take the first steps on this path.

My first journey led me to Venice. Absolutely magnificent city with intricate labyrinth of small streets, bridges and canals. I didn't have to make any story up. As you can see bellow - it is all there. Venice in the sunrise, bride, groom and me capturing the essence of the moment.